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More importantly, our interim management firm stays in touch with you for the entire duration of the process and all your comments are addressed to guarantee effective collaboration. Constellation Interim Management offers your company professional or managerial capacities for limited time periods, usually when you need to place a candidate in a specific position temporarily or when organization changes within your company need to be carried out.

They concentrate on creating a trajectory of sustainability and success that assures an organization is .

By nature, an interim leadership role is temporary.

An untrained interim is likely to look at the situation as a .

Being trained to deliver effective leadership interventions is an acquired skill and a body of management knowledge.

When the indicators are satisfactory, the assignment is complete. Our interim managers, Reactive Executive partners and your staff work together to ensure a smooth handover.

A summary report is written upon conclusion of the interim assignment.There are always two challenges associated with interim leadership: providing effective leadership, and the management of organizational culture and emotion that goes with that unique assignment.An interim works from a perspective of “deliverables” while a permanent leader works from a perspective of “goals.” Everyone involved with the organization, including the interim, will suffer significantly, if there is not an understood set of deliverables.We work with you to precisely state your needs, your company’s context and your objectives.After carefully defining your issue, we will choose the most qualified managers based on your requirements and your industry.The interim, on the other hand, would simply see the transaction as a completion of his or her current assignment.An interim may be hired for one particular skill that is most needed in the moment such as fundraising, planning or financial management.There are few issues that an interim would encounter that would be different from that of a permanent person.It’s how the two individuals would go about managing those circumstances that would be quite different.Our staff continuously monitors indicators to measure the assignment’s progress.Depending on changes in these indicators, the assignment ends or continues.


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