Is Utopia Possible Essay

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Have you ever wondered about after getting up in the morning and never have to look in the mirror and do your hair or pick out an outfit good enough?

Even have to worry about getting laid off and losing your home and possibly getting a divorce?

Many people would argue that this could never happen; that the inequalities and injustices in our world are a product of human nature.

Thomas More however would argue that rather than being a product of human nature, they are a product of the corruption within society.

More's responses to the critic suggest that the author does indeed have a defined sense of how his work is to be read and interpreted.

Though he worries that the "honey" aspects of Utopia may discredit the work as a philosophical treatise, More remains confident that the careful reader will be able to extract the medicine and recognize the honey for what it is.

All because of living in a perfect society just like a utopia.

I believe that Jonas’s community is a utopia because even thinking about living in a place where everyone follows the rules, everyone is happy and content and no one is better than anyone else sounds like a perfect community.

Another reason it doesn’t My final reason is because everyone is kind to each other and treats everyone with respect, which leads to almost no wrong doing.

Can you imagine a world with all kind people, no 911, no murders not even people saying mean things?


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