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F “Sophie definitely deserves the award: for her Ph D she has solved multiple challenging problems in the field of electromagnetic structured materials, which has only been possible because of her smart and creative use of theoretical and computational tools.

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In Europe, and specifically in the UK, a Doctoral thesis is a larger and more important work than the dissertation is.

It is mandatory to include only original research into the thesis, while dissertations are usually submitted by the student as intermediary parts of the postgraduate research process.

At the same time, the completion of a dissertation is associated with post-graduate research, and here you will hear about Ph D dissertations, not theses.

Since both a thesis and a dissertation may be parts of the postgraduate research, let’s distinguish the types of defense not by the name of the defended research work, but by the level of academic study for verifying which the work is prepared.

In all the rest, preparation for the defense is normally similar for both Master’s and Doctoral students and involves the following crucial steps: Knowing the distinctions between theses and dissertations is definitely necessary, especially for individuals planning post-graduate education, but in fact, these two types of research work are not as different as it is often depicted.

Both represent a serious, lengthy, and intensive research project that requires much dedication, strong research and analytical skills, and an original contribution to the professional area of interest.

In our field, the main focus is often on the design of a specific type of artificial metamaterials that control light to a high precision by making use of small engineered structures.

Our aim was not to develop specific material designs, but to more generally explore what are the physical restrictions on possible applications with metamaterials, hence the title of my thesis “Exploring metamaterial horizons”.

A second reason why I think that my thesis stood out is because of how I have visualized and communicated the research in the form of a monograph.

I did enjoy the process, because it allowed putting things into context and visualizing the research in a way that is different from the research papers.”“The coolest and hardest question we were trying to answer is whether metamaterials can behave as artificial black hole analogues.


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