Life Worth Living Essay

In America, an average eighteen year old has been in school for twelve years.Twelve long years of being forced to sit in a desk in a dimly lit room for seven hours a day.

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[tags: family, living, decision, learn] - Every person living life has studied their own existence in some shape or form.Some students take their chances and quit immediately after high school.Entering an unforgiving world and making their own luck. They spend four years in challenging academic environment, learning an advanced set of skills for their chosen profession....One might state that their are benefits to living an unexamined life.One is able to do whatever they please since they are never questioning their own actions.I am deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment and my actions” (Anthony Weiner).It is said by many different people online that on average we make about 35,000 decisions each day and 3,000 as a young child.They are not forced to uphold any morales since they believe that the only thing that matters to them is to “enjoy life” now and to forget about the future....[tags: Meaning of life, Personal life, Thought, Life] - One simple consideration that can change the course of how people think about their approach to life is, the examination of the influences that they have on other people’s lives.Once we have the question we try very hard to seek the truth (fact, knowledge, understanding, etc.).We must learn from others then question ourselves to give more of its insight to us.


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