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Full training provided but then while your on the 'floor' the job is completely different and works different.

Since joining the company as an account officer in May 2015 after coming from Asda, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for the company. The support has been exceptional and I have seen an extra effort in the last 6 months in how we recruit, support and develop any new starters to the business.

Salary, Career Progression Opertunities, Great training program for new starters, Friendly & Professional Environment, Christmas Bonus, Christmas & Summer Party, Beer Fridays (End of month celebration with food & drinks complementary of link)I have worked for link for a number of years now.

I have always found them to be a good company to work for.

Just above min wage and incentive / bonus schemes that are hugely exagerated and worth little.

Some good managers but most have zero management skills / training , little respect / appreciation for their teams and have a generally selfish attitude. I worked for Link for almost 18 months in Customer Service.If you’re finding it difficult to make your monthly payments to Link Financial Ltd you may need help managing your debt.Take our debt test to see what solutions are available to you.The Legal Ombudsman is the independent and impartial service established under the Legal Services Act 2007 to resolve legal service disputes. High turn over of staff due to the allocation of certain team managers who want the glory of the role but not to actually do the work for it.Whilst we strive in all cases to negotiate the best deal with your creditors, we cannot guarantee a reduction in interest or charges.Also as one of the largest providers of debt management solutions in the UK, we are able to provide initial advice over the phone without charge, however, if a debt solution is taken out, please be aware that fees will be charged.As long as your willing to do your best, they will always do the same for you.I do remember first starting and feeling it was a lot to learn, but someone is always happy to help. Too many team leaders saying the are not responsible for their team which makes you think why are you a team leader. When asking a question you get faced with several questions back with no answer whuvh becomes frustrated its like they dont and try to make you feel stupid so they dont have to answer your question. If you need support or ask the higher members of staff huff and puff. Too much is expected from account officers who are on the phone helping their customers but managere expect to work out their own preformace and tell us that its our responsibility for everything a team leader should be responsible for.If you have worked for professional operations within the industry before you will be shocked and disappointed at how this company is run. I enjoyed my time there, it was a good place to work.The management can be quite strict but they do look after you at Link. Ask for help and you get made to feel stupid and incompetent.


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