Literature Review On Investment

These papers are collected over a period of year’s right from the time when the most introductory paper was published (1979) that contributed this area a basic foundation till the most recent papers (2016).

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While trading is meant for short term and quick returns, investing is for the long term that gives the investors an opportunity to reap the optimum returns in the form of both cash flows and capital gains.

While investing is a complex procedure, these complexities are increased by the behavior of the stock market.

Moreover, this area is not only attracting the, attention of academicians but also of the various corporates, financial intermediaries and entrepreneurs thus adding to its importance.

The study is more inclined toward the study of individual and institutional investors and financial advisors’ investors but the behavior of intermediaries through which some of them invest should be focused upon, narrowing down population into various variables, targeting the expanding economies to reap some unexplained theories.

Thus, the paper generates interest in the readers to find the solutions to minimize the effect of biases in decision-making. A systematic review", Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, Vol. The individuals, companies and organizations in view of the associated risks and returns consider finance with procurement and allocation of financial resources.

Ironically, trading and investing are considered as the interchangeable terms[1].All research tools that have been used by authors related to primary and secondary data have also been included into our table.A new era of understanding of human emotions, behavior and sentiments has been started which was earlier dominated by the study of financial markets.On one hand, some scholars argue that foreign direct investment could stimulate technological change through the adoption of foreign technology and know-how and technological spillovers, thus boosting host country economies.On the other hand, other pessimists believe that FDI may bring about crowding out effect on domestic investment, external vulnerability and dependence, destructive competition of foreign affiliates with domestic firms and “market-stealing effect” as a result of poor absorptive capacity.The prominence of research is assessed by studying the year of publication, journal of publication, country of study, types of statistical method, citation analysis and content analysis on the literature on behavioural biases.The present study is based on 117 selected articles published in peer- review journals between 19.The study includes behavioral patterns of individual investors, institutional investors and financial advisors.The research papers are analyzed on the basis of searching the keywords related to behavioral finance on various published journals, conference proceedings, working papers and some other published books.The essence of this paper is the identification of 17 types of biases and the literature related to them.The study is based on both, the literature on investment decisions and the biases in investment decision-making.


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