Living In A Third World Country Essay

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They played spoons and Egyptian Rat Killer and watched old seasons of .

I was that white girl, or at least one of many, that trailed Nodidi around for six months.

Who does the work of teaching privileged people who choose to study, work, and live in comparatively less resourced countries?

What are the economic and emotional benefits and costs of that teaching?

It is not uncommon for us to see our learning as something that we, alone, manifest; this one-sided point of view is strengthened by the language of our most elite institutions, where college students have a “shopping period” during which they decide which classes they want to take.

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Learning, rather than being an exchange, becomes an act of consumption.This dynamic is particularly pronounced when power differentials are involved: for instance, the white woman who asks her black friend: “Can you explain black women’s hair to me?I just don’t get it.”The white woman may see her request as open-minded, even generous, while her friend might feel exasperated with the assumption that, once again, it is her responsibility to teach.In fact, where there is a learner, there is most often a teacher.And teaching, as gratifying as it can be, is labor — work that is, even in the best of circumstances, draining.Most often, they explained, being offered the opportunity to host American students is posed as a boon, or at the very least, a win-win, by international agencies and universities.The complexity is flattened out to what essentially amounts to free labor.(As a note, it is customary for families to be paid for hosting students, but such is not the case with most internships.)This already challenging situation is made even tricker by cultural divides.Sisonke Msimang, the former Director of Advocacy and Accountability at South Africa-based nonprofit Sonke Gender Justice, wrote me with this story: I once hosted a young American woman who was on summer break.odidi Mgudlwa, an 11-year-old with coltish legs to match, walked around the red dirt roads of Langa with a white American girl trailing behind her.She had learned that when the stares got to be too much from her neighbors, who no doubt wondered what a white person was doing in a South African township, she could get a reprieve by advancing a few strategic feet in front.


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