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And the physical setting of Alaska is very, very similar to the physical place I attended boarding school. After I graduated from college, I worked for a while at a children’s hospital, where I encountered the same problem in stark, awful reality. And then in the days after 9/11, I was alone in my apartment in Chicago watching the commercial-free news 24 hours a day. He lectured a lot and scared the hell out of his students and kicked you out of class if you didn’t listen—but also cared deeply about us. ” I thought about it for a while, and then finally I said, “Complicated.” It was complicated then, and after studying religion in college and working as a chaplain at a children’s hospital and seriously considering a career as a minister, it remains complicated.

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It is much more likely that teens will take this advice if it is from an attractive girl, telling a boy that this material objectified women, in an interesting book where there is no bias against sex.

As a matter of fact, teens would probably believe anything an attractive girl, that liked them, told them to understand!

Miles Halter’s is knowing the last words of a lot of different people—people like the author Rabelais, whose enigmatic last words “I go to seek a Great Perhaps” inspire the sixteen year-old to leave his family home in Florida and enroll in Culver Creek, a co-ed boarding school in Alabama. What’s the difference between writing fiction and lying? To begin with, when you tell a lie, you generally do not admit upfront that it’s a lie.

There he makes a new circle of friends: his roommate Chip, a scholarship student whom everyone calls “The Colonel;” Takumi, a slyly funny Japanese-American rapper; and sweet-spirited, Romanian-born Lara, who has trouble pronouncing the letter “i.” But most importantly he meets Alaska, a beautiful girl who “had eyes that predisposed you to supporting her every endeavor.” Miles quickly falls in love with this reckless, quirky, endlessly intriguing girl. ABOUT JOHN GREENJohn Green is the author of Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines. Like, if I am lying to you about who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, I am not going to preface it by saying, “While I am about to convince you that John Doe stole the cookie from the cookie jar, the cookie was actually stolen by me.” But when you write fiction, as with Looking for Alaska, it says “a novel” right on the cover.

One of the challenges in writing Alaska was learning not to overvalue facts. He was obviously smarter than me, and he found religion interesting, so I came to find it interesting also.

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When I first started writing the book, I kept thinking I ought to include things that happened because they had happened. In the study of religion, there is this word theodicy, which refers to the question of why a God who is both loving and all powerful would allow there to be such unequal suffering in the world. Religion concerns itself with the same existential questions that I find interesting and important.I’m not sure whether that qualifies as a talent, but it’s the closest I’ve got. I’m also not convinced that a person just is or is not a genius. Mark Twain wrote my favorite American novel, but he also wrote the awful Joan of Arc. It’s a little like what Muhammad Ali said after his third fight with Joe Frazier.Georg Cantor invented set theory and revolutionized our understanding of infinity, but he also thought Sir Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s plays. After the fight, which Ali won, Ali said that he thought at times that Frazier might kill him.She was absolutely steadfast about refusing to censor the novel, even when I wasn’t.My friend David Levithan once said of gay writers, “We are political novelists who do not wish to be political.” I feel a bit of that when it comes to banning books from classrooms and libraries.And also, for the characters in Alaska, there is a moment that changes their lives forever, and that redefines their understanding of the world. Listening is a very rare skill, and in these noisy times, it is more and more valuable. But I think there are mathematical and scientific geniuses, too. I was aware as a teenager of the fact that I might die, and it scared me a little.I wanted the importance of that moment to be central to the novel’s structure. Chip (i.e., the Colonel) says, “Everybody’s got a talent.” What’s yours? I’m a pretty ordinary person in most respects, but I suppose I am good at finding and remembering trivia. Hyde tells him to “be present.” What does that mean to you? I think genius is rare, but I don’t think it discriminates. Miles writes, “Teenagers think they are invincible.” Did you when you were a teen? But I never felt like dying would affect my overall invincibility, if that makes sense.On the other hand, parents are highly biased against sex, and as a result, teenagers will probably not take that advice.Some people could say that this book encourages sex, drugs, and drinking as filling the void of excitement and popularity.I started writing it just a few months after I left the hospital. And I thought about how time is usually measured that way: Christians date from before and after the birth of Christ. We look back to the most important moment in our history, and that becomes the dividing line between what we were and what we are now. I feel like I should reward your perseverance with a fuller answer. In many ways, it was a before-and-after moment in my own life. The character of Alaska tells Miles, “The only real geniuses are artists.” Do you agree?So I wanted to reflect on the way we measure and think of time. And who are some people whom you regard as geniuses? There’s a lot of my high-school self in the character Alaska, and I suspect I would have agreed with that statement as a teenager.


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