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This 2 minutes long scene has revealed the opinion of the director, about the qualities and identification of a good teacher.

This 2 minutes long scene has revealed the opinion of the director, about the qualities and identification of a good teacher.It has been conveyed simply by comparing two different characters, Margret and Erin, in which Margret is an academic based teacher, who cares mostly on student 's grades and manner....

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Teachers who have enthusiasm found the students have achievement gains and students tend to enjoy school.

Pedagogical content knowledge is when teachers combined academic content with know how to teach the content that matches instruction to student differences.

Or is it the teachings itself that drive students to learn more.

Horace Mann, the father of education, had theories of his own on what makes a worthy teacher and a successful learning environment.

The reason I would like to be a part of this process is because I look around, and I myself see kids disrespecting their elders like it is no big deal, and I hope to help them.

The career I am considering would be elementary school teacher, and the reasons behind this would be qualities of a teacher, helping the future of America, and promote academic diversity....

He believed that knowledge was a powerful tool that should be given to everyone and that knowledge was an equalizer for mankind.

Mann also argued that a good teacher, ought to fit very specific criteria in order to be successful....

[tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education] - I am intrigued with Palmer’s premise in The Courage to Teach, simply “good teaching cannot be reduced to techniques; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.“ In a time when education reform is focused primarily on pedagogy, he sheds a light on the many different elements that go into being a good teacher. Her first 2 years were spent in pre-kindergarten where she later moved to grades k-4th.

He also asks us to think about what makes a good teacher or a good mentor, as I reflect on the classes that I have enjoyed the most, they are those where the teacher thoroughly enjoyed what they were teaching, but also teaching itself.... She now works at Diamond lake school for the past 13 years. Wilson believes that what makes a good teacher is always learning new ways of teaching and knowing what works one day may not work the next. children need to feel successful and become confident in order to succeed....


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