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The editors compared the attention paid the King disclosures with the exposes that undid Gary Hart, John Tower, and others in recent years. At stake with Hart was his aspiration to be president, and the Tower question was whether he was qualified to be secretary of defense. King is whether he should be enshrined and celebrated as an exemplary figure in the telling of the American story.

Moreover, the comparison does not hold because a doctoral thesis is not a private act.

Long and lasciviously, the media slaver over the manifest “hypocrisy” of a Jimmy Swaggart. King’s sexual derelictions, on the other hand, are discreetly ignored, or even welcomed as evidence that he was not one of those awkward types derisively referred to as “saints.” (The last was the relieved observation of in response to the King exposures.) Why this nonchalance toward Dr. Another and less attractive answer is the supposition that we shouldn’t expect as much of blacks. King’s moral failings are, as often as not, the same people who tell us that black rap groups that draw their language from the sewer are “representative of authentic black culture.” The “acceptance” professed by so many of a progressive bent is, in fact, a condescension riddled through and through with racialist stereotypes.

The truth is that for millions of Christians, black and white, there is the perception that Dr. If he is to be accused of hypocrisy, however, it was the hypocrisy defined as the homage that vice pays to virtue.

Not since the Civil War had Americans been so compelled to face the most abiding sin of their corporate history. It is not only in the recognized fever swamps of extremism that one encounters Americans who never listened to Dr. They believe that blacks are inherently inferior and constitute a population basically alien to this society.

In their view, laws of racial segregation were neither irrational nor unjust.These and other measures are advanced under the vague rubric of “civil rights.” The result is the opposite of Dr.King’s thesis that people should be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Plagiarism Story, Theodore Pappas (Ed.), The Rockford Institute, 1994, 107 pp.Late in 1987, a graduate student working on the project to publish the collected papers of Martin Luther King discovered that King had plagiarized huge parts of his doctoral dissertation.Aside from the immediate effect of closing federal offices for a day, such an act of Congress is a recommendation, a statement of hope that people will agree that we recognize our better angels in the person and work of Dr. As with other national holidays, the observance of Dr. It has been a long time since national holidays were observed with any hint that they might be civil holy days. And, beginning with the Montgomery bus boycott of 1956, he acted on it in a manner that would, in time, catch the conscience of the citizenry.Just as well, some say, arguing that “civil religion” is a very dubious enterprise. With remarkable, although not unfailing, consistency, he channeled anger into the ways of peaceful protest within the context of democratic deliberation. It may not be bad that we are slow to elevate a historical figure to the status of national exemplar.In 1983, Congress declared Martin Luther King Day to be a national holiday. King proposed that legalized racial discrimination contradicted fundamental propositions of the American experiment. But he said it with an almost singular power of persuasion.ews stories of recent months underscore the fact that the place of Martin Luther King, Jr. Among the many things that make us who we are, we are whom we admire and teach our children to emulate. Myth-making in a nation so large and various as ours takes time. When we so elevate a figure, we are saying something not only about that person but about ourselves.


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