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On the upside, as much as social media has reduced self-identities, social media has made a positive impact on society when used in a constructive manner.Social media can positively affect society by providing a canvas for a ravishing masterpiece.

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Not to mention you can post photos and share them on your Facebook instead of having Grandma wait by the mailbox for those lovely class portraits.

Also, a lot of events have taken place in the past few years that we wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for social media.

Each day, social Media gains more popularity since it provides services that relate to fundamental human behavior such as socializing, communicating, and sharing information.

As a result, it has captured the interest of millions of users, not only those of the younger generations but all people with access to computers, mobiles, and tablets.

Many people find it easier to express their self-identities in an environment desolate of the anxiety a real-life situation possesses.

Along with the ease of anxiety, social media has provided society a unique opportunity to create our self-image through the means of a “digital museum.” There are many routes available on social media.Before social media’s existence, many people lacked these degrading feelings of self-image, yet the tide has turned.Society is now incessantly veered to the prominent teaching that self-image is the very basis of humans, and if one has an inferior self-image, that person is inferior to society.Communication can be described as an act or a process between sender and receiver using words, sounds or symbols.Having the ability to communicate effectively is definitely the most important life skill to learn.Providing us the opportunity to not only understand, but to connect with the people around us.Communication provides links, which bind an association together in order to evolve common understanding Rodgers etal (2002).Coming to a conclusion, social media does not affect the identity of the individual, rather how the individual handles socialmedia is what affects their identity.The effects of social media on language and communication Social media's had both positive and negative impacts on language and communication.Social networking sites and technology as a whole takes away from the time we would spend telling loved ones about our day and that's truly unfortunate.We live in an age where information is just a click away.


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