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Which of the following best describes Roses style in this excerpt? BEAR IN MIND, MY TEACHER DID NOT MAKE THESE QUESTIONS UP, I FOUND WHERE SHE TOOK THEM OFF OF THE INTERNET.

Ted didn't do all that well in school- baseball and parties and testing the courage he'd speculated about took up his time. But his sentence has stayed with me all these years, and I think I am finally coming to understand it. emphasize the importance of social life in vocational education 3.

With hindsight, I can see that Ted was developing into one of those rough-hewn intellectuals whose sources are a mix of the learned and the apocryphal, whose discussions are both assured and sad. Ken was good-looking in a puffy way and had a full and oily ducktail and was a car enthusiast. I Just Wanna Be Average These Multiple Choice questions refer to paragraphs 11-15. Paragraph 11 contains all of the following EXCEPT a. Which of the following phrases contribute to the image pattern that unifies paragraph 11?

Most were caring for children and families in addition to attending school, and a number of them were living on unemployment or supporting themselves with jobs at their schools.

Many were participating in basic education as adults, functioning at a 6th grade level or lower in reading, writing, and math skills.

Heres the passage, and the questions will follow: Students willl float to the mark you set.

Some serious programs succeed in doing that, and through exceptional teachersstudents learn to develop hypotheses and troubleshoot, reason through a problem, and communicate effectively - the true job skills. Hello, I am looking to get some help with some questions that were on my final exam review and I am totally stumped on. I and the others in the vocational classes were bobbing in pretty shallow water. They are over a Mike Rose essay called "I just wanna be average" out of his book: "Lives on the Boundary." The questions are only over 4 paragraphs. Vocational education has aimed at increasing the economic opportunities of students who do not do well in our schools. But mostly the teachers had no idea of how to engage the imaginations of us kids who were scuttling along at the bottom of the pond. And the teachers would have needed some inventiveness, for none of us was groomed for the classroom. that he was bored because he wasnt being challenged 5. Print), “developed out of a long history of work with various populations who are in some way behind the educational or economic eight-ball.” A professor of education in the Social Research Methodology Division of the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, Rose has taught or observed a variety of student populations for nearly four decades, including everything from kindergarten to Vietnam veterans in a reentry program offered through UCLA Extension.Having interviewed numerous students who are attending community colleges or occupational programs for “Back to School,” he says that no matter what their circumstances or goals were, “They were all in one way or another, trying to get another chance at education.” “Everybody, in some way or another, is coming back to school to try to change their lives,” Rose says. If they were unemployed, they were trying to get a leg up so they have some labor market advantage.Some were from other countries, immigrants who had completed school in their home country but were here for citizenship classes or to improve their English.In some cases, they were trying to get a GED so they’d have a domestic credential.” Rose says that many of the students, ranging from their early 20s to their 50s, were employed at low-skilled, low-paying, and often unstable jobs.“Some people had learning disabilities, or had to quit [school] to support and take care of family.When you’re poor, you’re parceling out your resources.


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