Milk Farm Business Plan

Ask lots of questions — what works on one dairy may not work on your dairy.

Create a cropping and feeding program Consult a nutritionist to determine what the best rations are for lactating cows, dry cows and heifers, and calves.

Detailed programs for herd health, reproduction and calf care are required in addition to the nutritional and financial aspects.

Work with a veterinarian, genetics specialists and Extension agents to develop a comprehensive farm plan.

Check with your local Extension office or Soil and Water Conservation District — SWCDs may also offer grants to help with qualifying nutrient or manure management programs.

Build equity Dairy farming requires a large capital investment.At the Israeli Dairy School, we will work in cooperation with our suppliers to make your dairy project successful !Whatever your background or experience — whether you grew up helping on a family dairy or worked on one for a summer job — there are some things you need to consider before setting out to milk cows on your own.Assign trusted workers to manage small aspects of the farm to help you achieve your farm goals.Source: Penn State Extension, 8 things you need to know before starting your own dairy.(Farm and Dairy is featuring a series of “101” columns throughout the year to help young and beginning farmers master farm living.The Business Development for Farm Businesses program incorporates self-assessment and action plan development with a range of cost-share advisory services and skills development opportunities to help producers reach their farm business goals.Let’s face it – just the thought of building or expanding a dairy farm is a daunting prospect.In order to be successful, you need to combine each aspect of management into a whole farm plan. Work with consultants to help you build a plan and stick with your strengths.For example, if you love milking cows but hate planting crops, hire reliable help that does or contract that work out.One size does not fit all All dairy farms are different and based on the individual farm owner’s vision for the farm, resource and marketing needs, and more.Some producers may contract out replacement heifers to custom raisers, while some diversify by selling crops, steers or bottling their own milk. You are a manager first All these items are just pieces of the puzzle.


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