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Mimo Ofdm Thesis Report-71
The good improvement in PAPR given by the present technique permits the reduction of the complexity and cost of the transmitter significantly.The pulse shaping schemes also take advantage of the frequency variations of the communication channel and can provide considerable performance gain in fading-multipath channels. STUDY AND SIMULATION OF MIMO (2009)By: Amit Khanal Abstract: Over recent years the MIMO (multiple input multiple output) has become a popular technique in wireless communication.The VBLAST algorithm uses iterative method to detect transmitted symbols and one transmitted symbol is detected in each iteration.

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The change in parameter is analyzed to improve the performance.

It is compared with other broad band technologies such as 3G, WCDMA, HSPA, Wi Fi, LTE etc. CAPACITY OF MIMO SYSTEMS FOR SPACIAL CHANNEL MODEL SCENARIOS (2010)By: Dinesh Chandra Panthy Abstract: In the research process of wireless systems and in the race for the development of the new technologies, MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) is getting more attention as it uses two or more antennas at each end of a connection to send and receive data, enabling transmitter and receiver to accept signals more efficiently than with a single antenna and thus overcomes the problems and restrictions compared to the conventional system.

MIMO is a system with multiple transmitting and multiple receiving antennas.

ZF (Zero forcing) and MMSE (Minimum mean squared error) are the linear MIMO detectors while ML (Maximum likelihood) is an optimal MIMO detector.

Masters Thesis in Information and Communication Engineering supervised by Daya Sagar Baral are:1.

IMPLEMENTATION OF TURBO CODE IN CDMA 2000 (2008)By: Damador Kandel Abstract: For the reliable communication, channel coding is employed.

This may also be one of the causes of high PAPR in OFDMA i.e.

amplifier in receiver has more nonlinear characteristics for multicarrier signal amplification.

Low PAPR helps to minimize the inter-symbol interference and it is also good technical solution to save the power consumption of user's terminal while communication is in uplink mode.

Multipath fading, white Channel performance is analyzed in terms of symbol error rate (SER) or bit error rate (BER) in different noise conditions in LTE channel. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF Wi MAX/IEEE 802.16 PHYSICAL LAYER (2010)By: Min Prasad Aryal Abstract: Wi MAX is an eminent technology that provides broadband and IP connectivity on "last mile" scenario.


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