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Please let us know in an accompanying letter if you would like the sheet to be forwarded directly to the Central Examination Office (ZPA).

As an incoming guest student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, you may also be interested in conducting project work or research, or might want to write your thesis at RWTH Aachen University.

You can submit the sheet via mail or in person to departmental advising.

If you send the record sheet for your Bachelor thesis by post, it will be sent back to you by post to the address specified on the record sheet.

Therefore, in a first move, you should identify your research interests and look out for institutes at RWTH Aachen University whose research focus matches your own.

First of all, take a look at the various institutes affiliated with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Locate available projects online Many of our institutes regularly publish available project or thesis work online, including a detailed description of what is expected of a candidate and how to apply.The specialization “Conception of Machines," prepares students to develop and apply modern computer-aided methods focused on the construction and dimensioning of structures and mechanical engineering systems according to functional requirements.The core compulsory courses for this area of specialization include the fundamentals of structural mechanics, computational analysis, finite element methods and computer-aided design.At the time of your application, the International Office will ask you to indicate who will supervise your project.We urge you to take all the necessary steps when contemplating whether you would like to study at RWTH Aachen University.In addition, an industrial internship and a research project work (Mini Thesis) are an integral part of each study track.The Master Thesis concludes the four-semester study program to be awarded the Master of Science degree from the RWTH Aachen University.However, if you cannot find a suitable project in advance, please let us know! Identify your interest Students at RWTH Aachen University are expected to take care of project work themselves.With over 10.000 students, the faculty staff cannot arrange projects for each student.The specialization "Production," prepares students to develop and use computer-aided systems in modern industrial production, which includes manufacturing, production systems, planning, and management.In addition to the coursework, students of the Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering program must also complete the following: The Institute of General Mechanics (IAM) of RWTH Aachen University has a permanent staff of 41, including 18 research associates and scientific assistants as well as 22 employees and apprentices in the administrative division, laboratories, construction office, and electrical and mechanical workshops.


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