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You can buy the book from Amazon or Urbane’s website. Hardback copies have all been sold, I’m afraid, but more are on the way.Deg is screen culture paranoia, anarchic politics and drug exploration written in an automatic, surrealist style. Get it directly from Urbane if you suffer any moral dilemmas by shopping on Amazon. I wrote about it briefly on VG247, explaining gaming’s role in its creation, and went to the annual Urbane author party in London that evening. There’s a Kindle version, too, but you may want to wait for the paper edition (and its physical copies of Ste’s illustrations). Sorry if you’d pre-ordered and were counting the days, but Urbane’s delayed Deg. Firstly, my publisher, Matthew, needs more time to sell-in the ideas he’s had for Deg’s launch (which we haven’t talked about publicly yet).Keith, genuinely selfless, spends all of his time attempting to make everyone else's life perfect.

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There's an air of mischief and a glint of macabre at this cracking new bar on notorious Grey Street. The website is a knowing ode to actor Bill Murray, but don't confuse this for another half-baked celebrity-themed joint – everything here is impeccably curated.

Take the business card, for example: on one side is a grim drawing of three skeletons drinking liquor looking, well, miserable. The heritage building sits at the front of stalwart cafe Miss Jackson, and used to be a real estate agency.

The question is why somewhere so un-miserable would be called Misery Guts.

It's not named after the Morris Gleitzman YA book of the same name, Pleadin says.

 In this third installment in a humorous series about the trials of worrier Keith Shipley (Misery Guts, 1993, etc.), he is now concerned about his divorced parents.

They mope around their houses, out of shape and uninterested in making themselves attractive.

The subject itself is more complex and I was committed to experimentation both in process and immediacy this time, to slowing the flow somewhat to see if I could row through clearer waters rather tearing at the riverbed with my oars.

I can’t tell anything about the result yet, but it’s been a valuable exercise.

There’s still a great deal of work to do before I complete, although, should Grandnanny Cosmos be lenient, I’ll be done before the end of the year.

This project has been deliberately longer and more considered than the previous two.


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