Movie Review Essay For The Notebook

His character is very romantic and faithful and the actor expressed these traits very well.

For instance, in the scene he first meets her he looks at her with loving eyes, his eyebrows are raised a bit as he cannot stop admiring her.

Warm and pastel colors predominate in ”The Notebook”.

The creators intended to reinforce the theme also by means of colors.

Film makers use them in different ways for different purposes.

For instance, each genre demands a particular type of performance: in comedies the performance should be exaggerated, while in dramas it has to be very realistic.

The white color of the house represents purity of Noah’s love and his devotion to Allie, and the clear sky symbolizes peace.

However, in those scenes where they part or have quarrels, colors are darker and vague.

When other women try to talk to him, he lets them see their attempts are futile via tone changes and hands crossed on his chest, which express his love and faithfulness.

Such a realistic actors’ performance reinforces the dramatic plot.


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