Movie Theaters With Assigned Seating

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Those 20 people no longer have the opportunity to go catch a big blockbuster when they had the chance.

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However, I'll hesitate when it means I have to buy a ticket ahead of time so that I can reserve a seat where I normally sit in stadium seating. Not only do people see a seat map when they buy their tickets, the theater also had signs on the doors saying the 7pm screening was sold out and are reminded to sit only in their assigned seatings when they have their ticket scanned at the entrance to the hallways from which the theaters are located.This went on five minutes into the start of the actual movie, at which point I said, loudly, to the people in front of me (who were in the process of being dislocated from choice of seats for the third time), "Hey, it's a sold-out show. Please find your actual seat instead of repeatedly creating a distraction to those of us who have waited decades for this movie" (which got a hearty "Yeah, man!" from a guy a few seats down, which then had the effect of making everyone around us laugh).Anyway, I feel like I see this every single time I go to a reserved seating show.If a movie keeps getting sold out because 20 seats were removed, then is it really worth going ahead of time when plans are shaky to buy a ticket?It will probably end up on some streaming platform eventually, so what's the point?See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Everyone who has armchair-theorized why movie theaters don’t sell assigned seats in advance is now obligated to explain why this has changed and how that’s consistent with their model. My theory was based on the value of advertising to movie-goers who must arrive early to get preferred seats and then are a captive audience.Your phone screen you're using as a light source is 100% not okay.Now, this is coming from someone who refuses to show up any later than 30 minutes before a movie..the song remains the same.


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