Negative Numbers Homework

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Adding with two-color counters is actually quite easy.You model the first number with a pile of chips flipped to the correct side and you also model the second number with a pile of chips flipped to the correct side, then you mash them all together, take out the zeros (if any) and voila! Since there are a few confused faces in the audience, let us explain a little further.

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Taking out the zeros means removing as many pairs of yellow and red chips as you can.

You do this because -1 and 1 when added together equals zero (this is called the zero principle).

If you've ever spent time in Canada in January, you've most likely experienced a negative integer first hand.

Banks like you to keep negative balances in your accounts, so they can charge you loads of interest.

For example, 5 - (-5), would require five yellow chips to start and would also require the removal of five red chips, but there aren't any red chips! Adding or subtracting zero (a red chip and a yellow chip) has no effect on the original number, so we could add as many zeros as we wanted to the pile, and the number would still be the same.

All that is needed then is to add as many zeros (pairs of red and yellow chips) as needed until there are enough of the correct color chip to remove.Two-color counters are usually plastic chips that usually come with yellow on one side and red on the other side.They do come in other colors, so you'll have to use your own colors in our description.You may also want to get one of those giant integer number lines to post if you are a teacher, or print off a few of our integer number lines.You can also project them on your whiteboard or make an overhead transparency.Adding Integers Have you heard about two-color counters and how they can make your life much easier while helping students understand integers better?Sure, you could just teach them the the , -, - , and -- rules, but then they would have no color in their lives.For homeschoolers or those with only one or a few students, the paper versions should do. Comparing and ordering integers worksheets for learning about ordinality in integers.The other thing that we highly recommend are integer chips a.k.a. For students who are just starting with integers, it is very helpful if they can use an integer number line to compare integers and to see how the placement of integers works.These worksheets will help students further hone their ability to visualize and conceptualize the idea of negative numbers and will serve as a foundation for all the other worksheets on this page.Adding and subtracting integers worksheets in various ranges including a variety of options for parentheses use.


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