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When writing a research paper you use notecards to keep track of your facts.On the notecards you should paraphrase your fact, then list the title of the book or article.

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What matters the most is appropriate referencing of the information and its proper structuring in regard to the research project in focus.

These note cards are really helpful in not just building up the entire curation plan but also fosters the researcher to further strengthen the weightage of research paper body in terms of the shared information and concluded facts.

First, let me answer the number one question about research papers: Yes, you should be worried.

If you are not worried about your research paper, you will not do a good job of it.

If you choose to paraphrase, taking time to thoughtfully paraphrase or summarize now will save you time in the writing stage.

Another way to format your research notecards is shown below.

Taking effective notes during the research process saves time and energy, and ensures a well thought-out essay.

Notecards taken on 3×5 lined index cards are an excellent method to keep careful records of your research.

Regardless of what format you use, be consistent to avoid confusion later.

Your completed card should have all of the information you need to begin to format your outline and begin to write your paper There are many different ways to utilize notecards, but one thing is certain – the more effective your note-taking skills, the more effective your final paper. Have you formatted them differently than our examples?


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