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I think it is likely that one of the year 2 questions will be on either falsification, verification or Wittgenstein.A question on Plato’s understanding of reality or his theory of Forms is possible.We understand human nature by understanding human goods, BUT these goods do depend on the way we are.

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The failure to make the distinction between these two ways = the naturalistic fallacy.

Vardy says: “Controversially, Finnis starts with the argument that Aquinas, properly interpreted, was an ethical non-naturalist.

Euthanasia and conscience are less likely to come up, but still worth revising, questions are limited in paper 2 so examiners will repeat topics a lot.

Paper 3: (Christian thought) Questions in paper 3 so far have been quite similar so examiners might stem out this year with different topics, these are the topics that haven't really come up yet and could come up this year: - Augustine, the fall & original sin - Gods existence - Christian morality - Exclusivism, inclusivism & pluralism - Multi-faith societies, scriptural reasoning & interfaith dialogue - Liberation theology & Marx Its unlikely that the following will come up: - Bonhoeffer - Secularism Any topics that haven't been mentioned are still worth having a look at, but if you're cramming, I'd avoid the ones mentioned as unlikely (this does NOT mean they won't come up! Also don't forget - if they really wanted to, they could ask all 4 questions on the same topic, although this will almost certainly never happen, they have asked 2 questions on the same topic in the past.

As long as you're doing a ping-pong back and forth dialogue I don't think it matters too much how much content you stick in, they just want to see that you understand it and can create a clear argument.

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If they said ‘religious language is meaningless’ discuss how would people go about this question?Thus a bad man is not someone who is blind or lame, but someone who steals or cheats and so on.”” undermine the is-ought gap: calling something rude is evaluative because it expresses condemnation in the same kind of way as bad and wrong do, but this evaluation can be derived from evaluative description.“ Natural Law at A Level is often treated as one more ethical theory which can be applied to an issue such as pre-marital sex and placed alongside Kantian ethics, Utilitarianism, or Situation ethics.One criticism aimed at natural law is that it falls foul of the naturalistic fallacy, but as we will see there are good reasons both for doubting the validity of this very term, and that it could be applied to natural law.John Finnis, in a conversation with Peter Vardy, says that the neo-scholastics were confused by the order in which we come to know nature and the ontological order itself.I'd try to pick 2 from the side I'm arguing, even if one is a really short one and 1 from the other side.Having had a look at the questions which have come up in the last two years for both AS and A Level, I have arrived at a list of topics and sometimes questions for each area which could possibly come up.Other areas in philosophy might be Mind body and soul – materialism, Anselm’s ontological argument or one of the theodicies.To what extent does Plato’s theory of the Forms make sense of reality?Good luck Hi, I just wanted to ask whether all of the religious language chapters come under one topic, so would it be possible to skip the whole of religious language.I really struggle with this topic and from what I understand you are able to skip one topic for each paper.


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