Oedipus Tiresias Essay

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Teiresias arrives, led by a little boy, and Oedipus asks him to name the murderer.

Teiresias initially refuses, and attempts to leave; Oedipus responds angrily, and Teiresias tells him that even his words “miss the mark” (325).

He is often portrayed as the oracle of Apollo, a man who could see the future and the will of the gods.

It is in this role, as a prophet and an oracle who possesses the gift of foresight, that Tiresias appears in Oedipus Rex.

Tiresias allows King Oedipus snippets into the future but does so in a way that leaves enough ambiguity to not give too much away.

With tiny inklings of truth and what is to come, King Oedipus strives to find the real truth, finding out only too late what Tiresias was trying to tell him from the beginning.

First is Tiresias's prophesy that Oedipus was Laius's killer.

This prophesy made King Oedipus even more determined to find Laius's killer and prove his own innocence.

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