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Read more » Every now and then we can hear hysterical voices, threatening that the humankind will exhaust all the natural resources of our Earth in 10, 20, 100 years (the exact figure varies according to the level of anxiety of every particular doomsayer).

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The key with any of these narratives is to engage your readers and make them feel.

The narrative can be funny, serious, awe-inspiring, or tear-jerking, but as long as you’re telling your story and making your audience feel what you feel, you’re moving in the right direction.

By avoiding these errors, you can subtly guide your reader in your desired direction.

“Hey, you’ll never guess what happened to me last night! And judging by the sounds of it, the story is a good one!

They choose just the right words, express just the right tone and emotion, and get you to feel that same emotion.

Your goal when writing a narrative essay is to be that friend: the one who tells the perfect story.But the only thing I remember about that trip is that everything from the very beginning went wrong – not terribly wrong; it was this mildly frustrating “wrong” that doesn’t actually cause any harm or problems, but makes the whole experience of something a bit specific – not the way you would like it to be.Read more » – on the contrary, I never treated them as something frightening, for I knew that if you prepare for them properly, there is nothing to be afraid of. The problem was that my idea of “properly” has always been somewhat different from what was expected by the professors, and successful passing of the examination usually could have been achieved by about 10% of the effort I actually applied.I know, it can be a lot easier to tell a story to your friends because you can stop, start, and rely on the feedback of someone else to know whether your story is a hit.In writing, once you’ve written your final draft, that’s essentially your only shot at getting the story right.If the action brings more profit than any of its alternative, then the decision is economically correct.If some of the alternatives can bring better results, then the decision is economically wrong.They might help you remember or identify a particularly interesting or significant experience to focus on.Keep in mind that these essays are for inspiration only and we don’t recommend using them for your college assignments. ”If a friend approaches you with one of these lines, chances are she has a story to tell.We all know those people who tell great stories about their lives.


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