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Peter said, at one point to the consultants, "even if I do something really well (or quickly, or whatever) I won't make another cent." In terms of employee motivation from a psychological view, I/O teaches that different people are motivated by different things, e.g. The consultants were not really on track about what would motivate Peter at work.They mentioned stock options, but they missed the cues he was sending out, with his clothes and his general behavior, that what might motivate him would be the opportunity to just be his natural self, at work.No one who worked there had any motivation about the work itself.

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The consultants thought that just being busier, having more power, and making more money would motivate Peter, even though he was sending out all the opposite messages.

If the consultants had just really looked and listened, they might have seen that none of their impressions or observations were correct.

No one at In Tech (with the possible exception of Bill) was satisfied with his or her job. The task of the consultants was more to weed out people who could be fired than to really explore employee job satisfaction.

One thing the consultants did get right, though, was that Peter was under-motivated at work.

Lumbergh is also very condescending in the way he talks to his employees, and his annoying habits and speech patterns keep everyone on edge.

Lumbergh could cut down on the stress he causes by treating everyone as equals, even though he is the boss, instead of talking down to them so much.Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction, or being happy and fulfilled (or not) at work is another implicit psychological topic of Office Space.This topic is important in I/O because one of the goals of I/O is to help companies increase employee job satisfaction.But promoting to another job he probably wouldn't like, while firing his two best friends, was not likely to make him anymore satisfied than before.From a psychological standpoint, job satisfaction has to do with feeling fulfilled by the work you do and being appreciated as a human being.The consultants did not help Lumbergh understand any of that; they just told him who to fire, which would just keep this problem the same for the people life working there.Employee Motivation Another topic of the movie was employee motivation.From a psychological standpoint, if one's emotions at work are more negative than positive, the job is having a negative effect.I/O realizes that emotions at work (either positive or negative) impact the employee; the work; and the whole environment.I/O psychology is very important in the workplace for promoting productive worker attitudes and behaviors and for selecting and promoting candidates in the most effective fashion .More and more companies are hiring I/O psychologists to come in and help revamp certain aspects of their company.


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