Othello Isolation Essay

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As the play continues, his character begins to deteriorate and become less noble.

Throughout the play, With this dark side, he is also very outgoing, and not very bright.

Everyone considered Iago to be honest, and it would be simply unspeakable for Othello to believe any differently.

For example, Othello had told Duke: "So please your grace, my ancient; a man he is of honesty and trust.

(this essay uses 2 supplementary materials: Metho Drinker by Judith Wright, and Da Vinci's The Last Supper) Shakespeare, in the play Othello, represents belonging and alienation through the use of relationships between characters, the use of dramatic irony, and through the use of language devices.

Othello, a moor, is physically alienated from the other characters because of the colour of his skin, however, his great reputation as a general gives him a sense of belonging to Venetian society.The tragedy of Othello is not a fault of a single person, but is rather the consequence of a wide range of feelings, judgments, misjudgments, and attempts for personal justification revealed by the characters.Othello is first shown as a hero of war and a man of great pride and courage.For Iago, his carefully fashioned, distinctive language, alienates him from the rest of the characters.He uses much more prose than othello, and his language style is thoughtfully generated and calculated.Through the use of soliloquy, Iago continually informs the responder of his progress and his plans, thus giving them power which in turn creates a sense of belonging, while at the same time alienating them because of the cont... Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Iago's language also degrades human activities to the level of animals which also serves to alienate him from the rest of the characters and from the responder.He himself is a spider who will "ensnare as great a fly as Cassio" and he refers to Othello as a "barbery horse" and Desdemona and a "white ewe".He is not observant and the schemes of Iago work well on him.For all the dangers and encounters he has been involved in, Othello is still naive when it comes to the corruptness of other people.


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