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Around these passages Milton develops the drama of discord between Heaven and Hell that shapes his epic of disobedience.

Around these passages Milton develops the drama of discord between Heaven and Hell that shapes his epic of disobedience.

If a kind of drunkenness was Eve’s first reaction to the fruit, lust is Adam’s, who finds her ‘inflaming’ (Book 9, l.

1013) his senses and leads her, ‘nothing loath’ (Book 9, l. Where their earlier lovemaking had been innocent and beautiful, their new fall into ‘Love’s disport’ is ‘of their mutual guilt the Seal, / the solace of their sin’ (Book 9, ll. When they wake from a gross sleep, they suddenly feel shame at their nakedness, ‘destitute and bare / Of all their virtue’ (Book 9, ll. Horrified, they fall to blaming each other, and, tellingly, ‘in mutual accusation spent / The , Milton depicts her mounting remorse, shame and guilt.

322) and performs the role of a perfect domestic hostess.

She prepares a paradisiacal feast, choosing fruits ‘of all kinds’ (Book 5, l.

is vain vulnerable and evidently intellectually inferior to Adam.

However, Sandra M Gilbert argues that, though Milton portrays her as a weak character, he also puts her on a par with Satan in her refusal to accept hierarchy and because of her ability to move the plot of will primarily examine ‘Man’s First Disobedience, and the Fruit / Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal taste / Brought Death into the World’ (Book 1, ll.

The angels Ithuriel and Zephon hover in the sky above.

Still, though the seeds of disobedience have been planted in Eve almost from the moment when she was shaped from Adam’s rib, she continues for a while to preside over Eden like the good housewife she was meant to be.

As Satan, journeying to Eden bent on revenge against God, first views them, Adam and Eve are: Not equal, as their sex not equal seem’d; For contemplation hee and valour form’d, For softness shee and sweet attractive Grace, Hee for God only, shee for God in him; His fair large Front and Eye sublime declar’d Absolute rule ... but follow me, / And I will bring thee’ (Book 4, l. 470), she spies Adam and runs away, having thought him ‘less fair ... 633), she proclaims that ‘God is thy Law, thou mine: to know no more / Is woman’s happiest knowledge and her praise’ (Book 4, ll. In this way, Eve is more vulnerable than Adam to the schemes of Satan. 798), the fallen angel crouches by her ear and inspires her with a prophetic dream in which she flies, witchlike, through the sky and desirously views the forbidden tree, ‘with fruit surcharg’d’ (Book 5, l. William Blake made three sets of stunning watercolours to illustrate Milton’s poem.

In this one, Satan crouches ‘like a toad’ near Eve, while Adam sleeps beside her.


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