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We worked hard to make it such, pressuring a resistant corporate media that claimed either that it couldn’t verify a memo that was clearly authentic and not even disputed, or arguing that what it revealed was “old news,” even though it was brand new to anyone informed by those media outlets.We made it into big news through public protests, reenactments in the lobbies of media outlets, floods of letters to editors, and a wide variety of creative actions. Democrats in Congress were in the minority and many of them were claiming they would take actions to end the war if given the majority. I believe that we turned many of their encouraging claims into lies by shrinking rather than enlarging and intensifying our movement in January 2007.Launching a war is illegal and immoral no matter what weapons may be in the nation attacked and no matter what crimes that nation has committed. Even if we accepted that weapons in Iraq or Iraqi crimes could justify a war, the evidence was clear that these were lies.

We must increase that awareness at every opportunity. While Roosevelt’s cabinet all wanted the United States to enter the war, Menzies found that Roosevelt,” . out of his foolish election pledges that ‘I will keep you out of war.'”On August 18, 1941, Churchill held that meeting with his cabinet at 10 Downing Street. Japan was certainly not averse to attacking others and had been busy creating an Asian empire.

Most importantly, we must dismantle the myths of Pearl Harbor. Nazi Germany, we actually tend to overlook sometimes, could not have existed or waged war without the support for decades past and ongoing through the war of U. And the United States and Japan were certainly not living in harmonious friendship. When President Franklin Roosevelt visited Pearl Harbor on July 28, 1934, seven years before the Japanese attack, the Japanese military expressed apprehension.

The White House war schemers and their collaborators forged documents, solicited desired claims rejected by their own experts, relied on non-credible witnesses, fed fake evidence to complicit so-called journalists, and tortured desired statements out of victims they’d kidnapped.

Bush concocted harebrained schemes to start a war that he publicly claimed to be trying to avoid. But just the fact that the British had been informed that war was inevitable by July 23, 2002, ought to have been a big story in May 2005.

Many Japanese are better able to recognize their government’s crimes, crimes before and after Pearl Harbor, as well as the crime of Pearl Harbor. General Kunishiga Tanaka wrote in the , objecting to the build-up of the American fleet and the creation of additional bases in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands:“Such insolent behavior makes us most suspicious.

The United States is almost entirely blind to its role. It makes us think a major disturbance is purposely being encouraged in the Pacific. Will the maneuvers be off the coast, two or three hundred miles? The maneuvers will be two thousand, yes, perhaps even thirty-five hundred miles, off the coast.“The Japanese, a proud people, of course will be pleased beyond expression to see the United States fleet so close to Nippon’s shores.On August 18, 1941, Prime Minister Winston Churchill met with his cabinet at 10 Downing Street. In May 2005 some friends and I launched After Downing (now called War Is to promote awareness of the Downing Street Minutes or Downing Street Memo and related documents.The meeting had some similarity to the July 23, 2002, meeting at the same address, the minutes of which became known as the Downing Street Minutes. This was a very useful document that was released in a moment when it could have an important impact.This week I’m testifying at an Iraq Tribunal about the Downing Street Minutes. But when it comes to lies, bad decisions, and levels of death and destruction, there is just no comparison: World War II stands unchallenged as the worst thing humanity in general and the U. government in particular (as well as numerous other governments) have ever done.There’s even a parallel to the Downing Street Minutes. In the 1941 meeting, Churchill told his cabinet, according to the minutes: “The President had said he would wage war but not declare it.” In addition, “Everything was to be done to force an incident.”Indeed, everything was done to force an incident, and the incident was Pearl Harbor.Toward correcting that false belief I submit into evidence a paper I wrote three years ago called . On December 7, 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt drew up a declaration of war on both Japan and Germany, but decided it wouldn’t work and went with Japan alone. Roosevelt also lied that he had in his possession a secret Nazi map planning the conquest of South America, as well as a secret Nazi plan for replacing all religions with Nazism.My biggest fear is that drone wars and proxy wars and secretive wars will continue to be launched without being preceded by public campaigns of lying. Germany quickly declared war on the United States, possibly in hopes that Japan would declare war on the Soviet Union. The map was of the quality of Karl Rove’s “proof” that Iraq was buying uranium in Niger.“New Pearl Harbors” are longed for by war makers, claimed, and exploited.Yet the original Pearl Harbor remains the most popular U. argument for all things military, including the long-delayed remilitarization of Japan—not to mention the WWII internment of Japanese Americans as a model for targeting other groups today.Believers in Pearl Harbor imagine for their mythical event, in contrast to today, a greater U. innocence, a purer victimhood, a higher contrast of good and evil, and a total necessity of defensive war making. The United States government did not need to make Japan a junior partner in imperialism, did not need to fuel an arms race, did not need to support Nazism and fascism (as some of the biggest U. corporations did right through the war), did not need to provoke Japan, did not need to join the war in Asia or Europe, and was not surprised by the attack on Pearl Harbor.For support of each of these statements, keep reading. thinking the 2003-2008 period of the decades-long war on Iraq is somehow worse than World War II.


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