Penalty Saves Lives Essay

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So, in regard to the death penalty, morality can define what justice may to be in a criminal punishment.

Individuals who believe it is morally right to put an individual to death over a horrendous crime support the retentionist argument for the death penalty.

The government is considerably more in favor of the death penalty because of the costs.

It is much cheaper in today’s economy to eliminate the criminals with the death penalty rather than to pay for them to live their entire life in prison.The principle of human dignity attempts to portray a message to lead individuals to believe that ending someone’s life says, a person doesn’t have any worth or value left.Individuals should never lose their respect for human dignity.The principle of human dignity directly goes directly against the element of reciprocity.The element of reciprocity explains that we can forfeit our rights by our own actions.As the death penalty can be a controversial topic is it important to consider all possible factors.The best approach to the death penalty is the principle of human dignity.The consequences for those crimes are excessive; the same thing occurs when in regards of the death penalty.When placing the idea of an eye for an eye on various crimes is seems extreme and unnecessary. Criminals do forfeit some rights to life, but not all rights to life.Individuals who do not agree with the human dignity argument may attempt to argue that the death penalty is an effective consequence because it deters other criminals from committing the crimes.Continuing, it may be argued that the death penalty can show society its moral outrage at unpleasant crimes. Although this seems efficient, an individual who commits a crime already knowing the consequences.


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