Picasso & Matisse Contract Legal Essay

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At the same time on the exhibition, the works of art of the artists with an extra-ordinary presentation; parallel to the interactive and continuing dialogue of their art and life, invites the visitors to a new realization with the dynamics and the energy the works held within.Picasso and Matisse represent a unique example in the history of arts by being a rival and getting inspiration from the art of one another with their intimate friendship of highest caliber over fifty years.

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The artists met each other in 1906, there wasn't clash, but rather both of them traded their own paintings in 1907.

The original idea of the exhibition by John Golding (artist, historian and curator of the Tate Modern Museum) was inspired by the avocation of Picasso, which he states that ,"You have got to be able to picture side by side everything Matisse and I were doing at that time.

While Picasso was already being accepted as the myth and the genius of modern art in 1930’s and 1940s has appeared in public demonstrations to maintain the need to confirm his fame and genius.

All in all Matisse has taken rare public appearances and social activities, his whole world was his studio and his paintings and it was implied that this world of his was enough for him.

On March 19th, 1906, his second one-man show opened at a Private Gallery where he exhibited fifty-five paintings, along with a number of sculptures, watercolors, drawings, and lithographs.

The paintings ranged in date from 1897 to the current year, so the exhibition served as a retrospective that gave a clear idea of his art development.

Even though, they were rivals, Picasso and Matisse envied each other’s artwork.

Some describe their relationship as a game of chess, the back and forth interaction and acknowledging each other’s talent; some describe it as tango, the passion and love in every move, the According to the Steins, Matisse and Picasso are two gifted men whose temperaments and strengths were more different.

It was only natural that the two artists would see themselves as rivals.

When the two men meet, Matisse’s career was beginning to take off.


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