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A deep analysis of a series of surveys across 16 countries that spanned several years shows that people who are on the conservative end of the political spectrum believe their lives are meaningful ...

Researchers have developed a financial mechanism to support the protection of the world's natural heritage.

One example of classic liberalism's beliefs regarding the role of government is found in Thomas Hobbes's theory that government was created by individuals to protect themselves from one another. According to a new study, liberals in America are indeed more likely than conservatives to drink lattes.

Adolescents and young adults living in states with more liberal policies reported higher average rates of past-year cannabis use than those in states with more conservative policies. The researchers believe this is because liberals are ...

I would have to agree with modern liberalism more than classical liberalism....

[tags: Liberalism, Classical liberalism] - We use ideas that are hundreds of years old to run our cities, states and country governments.

At that time conservatives adopted the Classic Liberal beliefs in protecting economic civil liberties.

Conversely social liberals adopted the Classical Liberal belief in defending social civil liberties.

Neither ideology adopted the pure Classical Liberal belief that government exists to protect both social & economic civil liberties.

Conservatism shares an ideological agreement on limited government in the area of preventing government restriction against economic civil liberties as embodied in the ability of people to sell their goods, services or labor to anyone they choose free from restriction except in rare cases where society's general welfare is at stake.


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