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As they become more interested, they can create the art by matching the colored buttons to the colors on the cards.

As they become more interested, they can create the art by matching the colored buttons to the colors on the cards.The pegs are more vibrantly colored than they appear here.The dolls need to be nested in the proper order for them all to fit together.

This one was challenging for Ella at 18 months, so she mostly played with them as individual pieces.

She was disappointed that she couldn’t put them in the barn, though. ) Someone gifted us these ADORABLE little Hide and Squeak eggs and Ella loves playing with them.

Each little chick inside is a different color and matches with the colored faces on the outer shell. Then she discovered the different shapes on the bottom. Sometimes Ella will play with these as actual eggs for pretend cooking. The little smiley at the top has a bell inside and can be hidden inside one of the balls.

Ella was two when we got these, but I could see a one-year-old or younger wanting to play with this set as well. Get these for a baby and he will keep playing with them in new ways as a toddler.

I wrote about this game in my complete toy buying guide.

These are cute little animal pieces that you can stack on a hard surface, or on the wobbly farm block.

Ella has also stacked these in numerous ways (like just tops in pyramid style, or just bottoms like nesting cups), so I believe these would make a lovely heirloom gift for a child. A shape sorter is for sure a good foundational toy, as you can obviously teach shapes, but you can also teach colors if you have brightly colored set, and do some stacking with the shape blocks.

This particular set from Amazon had good reviews and a lot of people mentioned how large they were (tallest doll is 8″ high), so I think this would be a good set for a child to play with. This sorter has the added bonus of imaginative play and can be pulled around on the string.

Fine motor skills will get a workout in this button art set.

Toddlers will enjoy putting the buttons in the holes.


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