Procrastinating College Essay

The Five Minute Miracle involves asking yourself; “Hmm, what action can I take in less than five minutes TODAY that moves this forward even the tiniest bit?

” Once you’ve identified a small action, set a timer for five minutes and spend five minutes working on the task.

Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators.” These people view procrastination as the result of their exra curricular activities that, as mentioned earlier, distract them from completing their college duties.

However, some of them also indicated that they tend to procrastinate simply because they wish to have more time to sleep (Lenker, Caitlin and Mac Andrew, Dan “The Procrastination Epidemic: An Investigative Report”).

Procrastination is an activity that is most seen in the undergraduate level of college students.

Some of the reasons that professionals have found to cause procrastination include lack of motivation, deficiencies in self-regulation, external locus of control, perfectionism, trait and state anxiety, fear of failure, low self-efficacy, and low self-confidence (Welmer, Maryellen, Ph D.

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This paper will take a look into the non-technological reasons that college students often fall prey to and cause them to procrastinate.

Undergraduates come up with the most creative reasons for procrastinating their way through a semester of college.

Whatever their reasons, the truth is that the most important reason they tend to procrastinate is sheer laziness.


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