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Country Profile al Affiliation) Overview Pakistan is home to some of the earliest settlements known to man, as well as two of the most prominent religions in the world (Crawford, 2010).

It was formed from the partitioning of India in 1947, and has undergone not just domestic but also political strife since that time.

Over the years, the disputed Kashmir territory has been the scene of 2 out of three Pakistan-India wars, those that......? The concept of this paper has been created as to depict the PEST-C aspects of the country, including the Hofstede's perspectives of analyzing the culture of Italy as compared to Canada, and depicting the feasible business venture in......

Italy Country Profile Introduction Italy is a nation that sustains the beauty of its environment and preserves the traditional aspects of life. Profile of France Introduction France is located in Europe between Germany and Spain.

Originally it was composed of two parts, these being the west wing which is the Pakistan we know today and the east wing which is now known as Bangladesh.

In 1971 the two wings separated when the east wing (dominated by Bengalis) seceded with significant support from India. With this notion, it can be perceived that Italy must be a paragon of a paradise in the contemporary perspective.

Recent reconciliations with Germany have led proven to be economically beneficial, and today France stands on equal grounds with the world’s super powers.

In 1999, France made the euro its official currency, and this has allowed France to further integrate itself into the core of the......

Kenya is a country situated in the eastern coast of Africa and lies on the equator.

The country hares borders with five countries; Tanzania lies to the South, Uganda lies to the West, South Sudan to the North-West, Ethiopia lies to the North part of Kenya while Somalia lies to the North-Eastern side of the country. The Republic of Kenya has a total land area of 582,684 square km.


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