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Zachary Grinspan, Weill Cornell Departments of Healthcare Policy & Research and Pediatrics, as well as with co-authors Dr.

Oyinkan Marquis from Weill Cornell Pediatrics and Professor Anne T Berg from Lurie Childrens Hospital in Chicago.

This $112 million initiative—one of the largest in AHRQ’s history—funds 7 cross-organizational collaboratives to assist 1,500 small (fewer than 10 clinicians) primary care practices to improve their care for cardiovascular disease. Casalino and Dhruv Khullar’s viewpoint, published in JAMA, discusses how physician practices are experimenting with ways to pool resources across groups while maintaining their independence given the current healthcare environment that is moving toward accountable care organizations (ACOs) and population health management. NIH All of Us Research Program The All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to collect data from one million or more people living in the United States to accelerate research and improve health, building one of the largest health databases.

Meyers et al1 provide thoughtful explanations of the ways in which AHRQ designed Evidence NOW to navigate the trade-offs between implementation (including permitting flexibility and local adaptation) and rigorous evaluation. A new research center launches today with the goal of empowering and supporting practicing physicians as they seek to improve care for their patients while navigating today’s complex healthcare landscape. Geraldine Mc Ginty leads a session at the Radiology Business Management Association’s 2018 Pa RADigm conference, where she discusses her experience in the field, payment models, AI and related data-science opportunities, and advice to radiologists. Mark Zuckerberg says he wakes up every morning and thinks to himself, "I don't have much time here on Earth," so "how can I make the greatest positive impact that I can? By taking into account individual differences in lifestyle, environment, and biology, researchers will develop precise medicine and treatment paths catered to you.

The summer before we started medical school, I and other students were advised to read Anne Fadiman’s “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.” The book chronicles the illness of Lia Lee, a Hmong girl with severe epilepsy, and her family’s saga navigating the American medical system. The story has become a symbol of the sometimes devastating consequences of a cultural divide — a cautionary tale of miscommunication, misperception and mistrust, culminating in a catastrophic two-hour seizure and permanent brain damage.

Lia died in 2012, after living the last 26 years of her life in a persistent vegetative state.We argue that making clinical and financial gains will require data-sharing networks that integrate clinical factors, genomic information, and social determinants from multiple health systems. Although alert fatigue is blamed for high override rates in contemporary clinical decision support systems, the concept of alert fatigue is poorly defined. Rainu Kaushal, chair of the Department of Healthcare Policy and Research at Weill Cornell Medicine and physician-in-chief of healthcare policy and research at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, has been named one of Crain’s inaugural Notable Women in Health Care in New York City. “Seventy-five percent of people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias will be admitted to nursing homes by the age of 80, compared to 4% of the general population, and approximately 70% of individuals with ADRD will die in these facilities,” states Dr. It’s a gap, unlike many others, that has been growing, but it receives considerably less academic study or public attention. Geraldine Mc Ginty, a renowned leader and expert in health care strategy and economics, has been elected Chair of the American College of Radiology (ACR).We tested hypotheses arising from two possible alert fatigue mechanisms: (A) cognitive overload associated with amount of work, complexity of work, and effort distinguishing informative from uninformative alerts, and (B) desensitization from repeated exposure to the same alert over time. The extraordinary life expectancy gains of the past half-century have left these patients behind, with the result that Americans with serious mental illness live shorter lives than those in many of the world’s poorest countries. She is the 1st woman to be elected to the position in the ACR's 95 yr history. Each year the medical student recipients of the Public Health Prizes (which they receive during commencement) get their photos posted on the department’s website with a description of the prizes.Read more here I recently cared for a hairdresser who had gone through a year of vague and varied symptoms.What started as a few unpleasant aches soon became debilitating pain throughout her body.Three briefs examine the connections between income and health as well as policy solutions that have been developed to confront and address the impact of poverty on people’s well-being. Such interventions include activities that increase positive affect and cultivate qualities such as gratitude and kindness, and are based on theoretical and empirical work linking positive psychological skills and health.Evidence indicates that positive psychological interventions reduce depressive symptoms and increase overall well-being.About us » Materials funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) are available in alternative formats to ensure accessibility.(Alternative format materials may include Braille, large print, audio CD, data CD, or qualified reader).RAND Health Care promotes healthier societies by improving health care systems in the United States and other countries.We provide health care decisionmakers, practitioners, and the public with actionable, rigorous, objective evidence to support their most complex decisions.


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