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Employer branding A tough area for an agency to compete.With the longer connection times, hiring companies are recognising the benefit of attracting people to the company rather than specific jobs.As our client, you will beneficiate from the joint expertize of local lawyers and international consultants.

More companies are looking to tell their own story through their employees, attracting candidates to their social places and career sites.The documents should be further submitted at the Commercial Register through the on-line platform of the institution.Foreign investors who want to open a business in Germany can find out relevant information on the companies with activities on the German territory by accessing the data-base available at the above mentioned body. Theres lots of people who will disagree with this, who are resistant and insist that nothing has really changed, but it has.Things have changed, because the world has changed and the market is shrinking.Social referral, supported by technology from companies such as Role Point connect employees social networks with job openings.The route to getting hired is less and less dependent on being represented by an agency, either as a candidate or a hiring company.For some it is hard to see that change is needed because the market is experiencing a bit of a recovery.This means that many are performing better than they did for the last few years, things look like they are on the up.The trade associations are naturally doing a bit of celebratory back slapping and trumpeting how good things are now.I'm not convinced by this argument because my guess, and it is a guess, is that the market is shrinking.


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