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With the influence of technology, the world is interconnected in a totally new way.Decisions made in one nation impact people halfway around the world.

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Research the methods used for waste disposal and recycling and evaluate their efficiency.

Are there innovative waste disposal technologies poised to meet these challenges?

Are alternative energy options sufficient to provide for the energy needs of the world's population?

With a world population of around 6 billion, waste disposal is a paramount concern.

However, body implants for the purpose of identification are a controversial alternative.

Discuss both sides of this issue and describe the technology involved.

Consider how this "smaller world" influences religion and its practices.

Humans impact the environment and the health of the planet in both constructive and destructive ways.

Dependence on non-renewable energy sources impacts the entire planet.

Explore the history of alternative energy sources and the potential for new developments in this technology.


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