Residential Development Business Plan

Residential Development Business Plan-9
This segment is especially attractive since most of the local rental properties that are geared toward students are run down, poor quality units.The second market segment is local professionals who are increasing at 4% and have 12,000 potential members.An all-time record was set in 1998, when 886,000 new-site single family homes were sold.

Concrete Installation's management is highly experienced and qualified. Barry Newman leads the management team with over ten years of experience in the construction industry.

Products/Services Concrete Installation has developed sophisticated formwork solutions for some of the most complex construction projects being done today.

The company's overall strategy will be based on a continuing improvement process of setting objectives, measuring results, and providing feedback to facilitate further growth and progress.

Concrete Installation is an Oklahoma Limited Liability company, with principal offices located in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Several of our real estate clients have graciously provided permission for us to share their plans with you.

A professional real estate business plan is an important step towards building a business in this challenging industry.

MSN's units will balance safety, cutting edge features, and a positive atmosphere for all tenants.

These rentals will be provided with unmatched levels of customer service and attention.

Despite initial large outlays in cash to promote sales, the company's cash account is expected to remain healthy.

The company expects to earn approximately 1.5 million dollars in revenue by Year 3.


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