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Read recently published books related to your dissertation topic.

At some point during the dissertation-writing process, you probably had to cut yourself off and say, “No more reading!

So what should you do if you find yourself flailing about, looking for a way to feel “productive” while giving yourself a necessary vacation from your dissertation research? Or you’ve had a seminar paper that you were encouraged to publish but has been languishing on the back burner for a few years, waiting for you to collect more data.

Turning your attention to new research can help you stay active while giving the dissertation some breathing room.

It’s the moment when you truly have no more revisions to make and are really, finally done. D., and whatever else happens on the job market or in your writing career, no one can take those three letters away from you.

Revise Dissertation Book Manuscript Elementary Writing Prompts Essay

I’m sure you’ve been receiving a lot of well-meaning advice, such as “Take some time to relax” and “Don’t think about work for a while!It wasn’t until I taught a senior seminar on subcultures and social movements that I figured out how to articulate a key theoretical insight that came out of my book.Unfortunately, the book was already published at that point.Those kinds of narratives are helpful when you’re on the job market, whether you stay in academe or not.If you do stick around the academy, such narratives can also help you extrapolate about your research trajectory over the next five to 10 years, which might come up in interviews, annual reviews and ultimately when you go up for tenure and promotion.While it’s easy to dwell on your dissertation’s shortcomings and the mistakes you might have made on your way to earning the Ph.D., know that the book will be your chance at a do-over.Between finishing my dissertation and landing a contract for my book on the political lifestyle practices of anarchist activists, I started conducting interviews for my article on people who abstain from Facebook.While I didn’t consider them to be overlapping projects at the time, I eventually was able to reflect on the common threads between them to construct a narrative about the research questions that interested me.” Yet when you’ve been working on something for a long time and so intensely, it’s easy to feel a little lost when it suddenly ends and there’s nothing left to do.If you simply can’t bring yourself to take an extended vacation (which you should try to do, because, seriously, you’ve earned it), you might be tempted to just plunge into revising your dissertation and sending out book proposals. Besides the fact that you probably do need some rest, getting some distance from your material is necessary if you want to understand what it all means.


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