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The second view is that practical challenges make it difficult to provide or engage in training and development: usually insufficient time, or a lack of available resources to support training activities. Certainly political roles can require a 24/7 commitment from MPs, who need to split their time between Westminster and their local constituencies (Weinberg & Cooper, 2003). Training may also be seen as a Machiavellian means for politicians to increase their power over others (Searing, 1995).

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At first this appears to reflect hubris on the part of politicians (i.e.

The first view is that politicians simply don’t need training or development. ‘I am elected by the people, so why do I need training? But unlike other professionals political candidates are not expected to possess a specific body of knowledge or skills.

We do not insist that our politicians pass certain exams in order to be elected.

However, with 180 of the current 650 British MPs declaring second jobs that generate total earnings of more than £7.4 million (according to the Financial Times, 23 February 2015), it does seem that time could well be found if the motivation was there to do so. Written evidence submitted to the House of Commons Governance Committee.

The practical challenge is probably more difficult for local politicians who, unlike MPs, are not usually paid for their roles, and by volunteering their time often struggle to maintain a balance between the demands of paid employment, family commitments, and council duties.


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