Romanian Culture Essay

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We found brains, testicles and other parts of the pig on the menu and we put it to our Facebook fans to decide which one I would try.

The testicles pictured above won out – they were quite tasty but a little chewy.

While in Sinca Noua more we savoured a chicken noodle soup and a pork rib and vegetable soup (bones still in) as a starter to every meal.

(pronounced michi) which is a finger sized grilled mince meat sausage, usually consisting of beef mixed with pork and sheep, and then heavily spiced with garlic, pepper and paprika.

These are quite common in street food stalls accompanied with a pint of beer.

Menus will have easy items such as pork and chicken schnitzels, and for the more adventurous eaters the Romanians embrace the “whole animal” concept.Another popular liquor, is made by mixing fermented sour cherries with sugar and vodka.The quality of the drink highly depends on the quality of the fruit and it is why it is recommended that the fruit be hand picked.Before we arrived in Romania my idea of their typical cuisine was meat and potatoes. It is prepared differently in various regions throughout the country, but the concept is similar: .I expected that vegetables were pretty much non-existent in Romanian food and finding a good salad would be a challenge. Meat is definitely a big part of Romanian food, and they really know how to do meat right. Salads were a challenge, at least ones without cabbage in them, but not impossible to find. My favourite variation was in Bucharest, prepared with bacon and vegetables and served in a bread bowl.But it is interesting and inviting, and it is the perfect comfort food!Pork is the most beloved "vegetable" but Romania also excels at soups and a double distilled product with an alcohol percentage between 40-70% and is made from fermented plums.It is found all throughout Romania and we both think that this might be the secret to the long life of the Romanians.The most peculiar thing about Romanian food is that it has a very familiar taste, but at the same time it tastes like something you've never tried before.This is because the traditional cuisine is actually a mix of dishes and cooking techniques borrowed from neighboring cultures, such as Hungarian, German, Turkish and Slavic, but transformed and Romanised with local herbs and spices.


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