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In this scene Juliet gives a negative response toward Capulet after she is informed of the planned wedding. He chooses to act as if she is not in the room; he excludes her from the scene.After she has responded Capulet ignores her; he talks as if she is not there. This scene reveals to the audience that Capulet maintains the belief that he has enough power to command everyone around.Poems and plays often have to deal with the theme of power and control.

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Shakespeare portrays Capulet as a patriarchal ruler who is not afraid to show his controlling side.

His aggression is key aspect in the play and becomes a catalyst for the outcome of our “star crossed lovers”.

Towards the start of the scene we see Capulet exerting little aggression but as we examine the scene closer we see that Capulet loses control over himself and becomes angry at Tybalt.

In contrast to act one scene two we see Capulet objectifying Juliet in act three scene four.

In this scene Capulet is portrayed as avaricious as he is setting up a marriage in which money is the prime objective and not the happiness of his own child.

This in turn suggests that Capulet has exerts enough force that he can sell his own daughter’s love for money.The next scene to investigate would be act one scene five in which Capulet hosts his “accustomed feasts”.In this scene we can see how Capulet can gradually lose his temper.It also shows him expecting others to be governed by him.This re-enforces the aspect of a patriarchal society in which man rules.As act 1 scene 5 progresses Capulet becomes less patient repeating the word “go to! ” The use of repetition implies Capulet is becoming less patient with Tybalt and the use an exclamation also adds to the portrayal of Capulet’s irritation.As the scene proceeds the imperatives become shorter, increasing the audiences knowledge of Capulet’s impatience.In modern society this appears as cruel and heartless.Above all act three scene five shows Capulet animosity toward Juliet. ” The repetition of the word “she” indicates that Capulet does not want to acknowledge Juliet, or make a personal connection with her.Capulet begins to use gentle imperatives toward Tybalt such as “content thee, gentle coz”.The word “content” is used as an imperative but in this case it is not used as impertinent word, like “give” in the earlier scene.


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