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What Christians mean, that unless one believes in Christ, he cannot be saved, is, if one is capable, and exposed, and rejects the Christ coming to him, or quenches the very light that would lead him to Christ, he cannot be saved.This, then, is in accord, with teachings of Jesus that to him whom much is given will much be required, and is in accord with the moral sense given to man, and is in accord with much of the Biblical teaching, and all of the Biblical teaching dealing with the subject, though many Christians are paralyzed by a misuderstanding of that Biblical teaching and in strong conflict between what they sense is morally right and what they understand wrongly to be the Biblical Teaching.Richard Wright’s story Black Boy talks about why young Richard has a vast disbelief in God.

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Is there something or someone that can purify what was once a beautiful and harmonious garden, but now a world riddled with sin.

Without divine intervention providing a secure rescue, this world and all of its inhabitants will continue to morally and physically decline and decay.

And so Noah, Abraham, Isaiah, Simeon, Paul, and Peter, all men of faith, and yet the requirement laid on them by the ongoing revelation of God, different for each one in each epoch as surely as the requirement of God upon the thief on the cross, Cornelius, Mary, the toddler running to his arms, and the baby in the womb aborted, we can be sure, all different one from the other.

What remains the same for all, for all times, is the one Atonement of Christ on the Cross, bearing the sins, fallibilities, sicknesses, incapabilites, incompletenesses of all, each in their own order, upon His sinless body and soul, bringing them, if they will, according to what is given them, into the loving arms of the Saviour and the Heavenly Father.

The book begins with the pluralistic view, where Hick argues salvation as being universally available through all ethical religions.

Set apart from Hick’s liberal position, the three other views are progressively conservative....

However, each character undergoes the internal conflict of whether or not to conform.

The validity of the central idea, individual versus society, is revealed through both character’s choices to either be the pariah within their community or fall under peer pressure in order to attain false acceptance.

It is faith that brought Abraham to acceptance with God, and that faith was expressed in obedience - obedence to leave Ur, obedience to sacrifice his son. How apt, then, that Abraham in his faith should be a pointer to Christians in their faith in Christ as their Savior, and thus their righteousness.

But, the content of faith for all of the characters and epochs of both Testaments was different, and as God revealed more of who He is and what He has done, faith itself was filled with new object and sometimes subtely and sometimes not so, changed, according to its object, and so their came "Christian Faith" changed to "fit" its object, Christ, and changed because of the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, was now penetrating and filling and vivifying faith in a way it could never be before.


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