Sat Writing Score Conversion With Essay

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Comparing ACT and SAT scores is not simple, since the two tests do not measure the same set of abilities.

We explain the differences between the two tests elsewhere on this website: most useful in comparing the two tests are percentile ranking, which we include in the last column of the table below.

We present this table below (the data comes from students taking these tests in 2011) along with a percentile ranking.

This table is an approximation and should be interpreted with caution.

At first glance, the new SAT appears significantly different from the SAT administered prior to March 2016.

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It contains two primary test sections, and one additional optional test section, as opposed to the three required sections on the previous version of the test.In March of 2016, the College Board rolled out the new SAT.At the time, these changes to the SAT were the most significant since 2005, when the College Board introduced a writing section and increased the scoring range from 1600 points to 2400 points.For example, if you score in the 72nd percentile, you did better than 72% of test takers. The makers of the SAT and ACT tests have created a conversion table that correlates scores on the one test with scores on the other.Initially, many students, teachers, tutors, and guidance counselors were anxious to see what the changes would mean.In fact, changes to the scoring structure and format of the new test were of particular concern, as many students did not know exactly how their performance would be assessed.But a personal essay provides a more intimate and in-depth glimpse into who you are, and that can stand strongly in your favor.Here in California, for example, the UCs give a lot of weight to your responses to the four essay prompts.So be sure to maintain formal style and an objective tone. Your conclusion should restate the goal of the passage/argument and sum up the points you made. When describing how the author builds his or her argument, “appeal to the emotions” is fine instead of specifically referencing “pathos.” And “comparison of two things” can be used instead of referring to a metaphor.If you do know the official terms, though, feel free to use them!


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