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This fact has always been accepted as an inevitable consequence of globalism. Read more My name is Anyele Endam Tracey and I am 19 years old.

I moved to South Africa (SA) eight months ago and I am a first year student at Monash University, SA.

It’s hard to summarise all the benefits we may have therefore I’ll try to focus on one interesting subject I recently read about.

The question I would like to bring up whether the language we speak shapes our way of thinking.

Multilingualism refers to a situation when a child confronts more than one language at the same time. Read more Multilingualism is the use of three or more languages for communication purposes (Paradowski & Bator, 2016).

Research has shown that there are more multilingual than monolingual people in the world. However, many misconceptions also exist on this subject.However new research has changed our understanding and proven that learning and using two or more languages can be very fruitful, new findings suggests that persons benefit from the exposure with greater openness to other languages and to ...Read more The growth of globalization and immigration results in the increase of multilingualism (Zubalov).In the past, foreign language education was given only in schools.Nowadays, in addition to schools, foreign language teaching is ...Read more THE IMPORTANCE OF MULTILINGUALISM TO PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT What he failed to mention is that research on bilingualism has already documented a delay of 4 to 5 years in the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms for bilinguals relative to age and education matched monolinguals .No known pharmaceutical agent has any effect that comes close to bilingualism.The ability to communicate in different languages allows an individual to foster more connections, build relationships and camaraderie with people outside the coverage of a specific native language. Read more Simple words were said by a man thinking so logically that anything by continuous use will improve.Learning new languages is a good brain exercise that doesn’t only have tangible effects on one’s personality, but it also does wonders to the brain structure.For instance, that exposing a child to many languages may cause language impairment, or that for children already diagnosed ...Read more Multilingualism can be defined as the ability of a person to speak and understand more than one languages.


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