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We must all get sick of the same backpacker travel questions when we meet new friends, I know I do.

We must all get sick of the same backpacker travel questions when we meet new friends, I know I do.

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I plan on kicking off next year with a visit to somewhere new in SEA before heading over to Europe (Italy to start) for a little while.

Malaysia has probably been the most memorable for me so far having visited the Parhentian Islands and snorkeling for my first time (so many beautiful fish!

So, what do you do if you can live except for the place you actually want to live? I’m a freelance UX person, python engineer and data cruncher, but mostly work for Heyday.

I’m currently in Chiang Mai (let’s grab a beer @Coffee Shop CEO), but usually spend a month to six weeks at a place and then move on. That wherever you go, nobody knows you or truly cares about you.

And SF was the first place I felt truly at home for the first time in more than a decade.

Which would be fabulous, if my visa hadn’t expired and the immigration laws weren’t designed by people who enjoy shooting themselves in the foot, tying an anvil through the whole and tossing it into the bay.And some years later to the UK to study, and then to Spain to do my Ph D (neuroscience…a story for another time), and eventually to San Francisco to become a UX designer.Aside from Envato, I’m a photographer and general techie with various side projects going at any given time (like’m currently in Bangkok, getting ready to see Cambodia for the next few weeks and then returning to Melbourne.I call Chiang Mai home and use it as a base to travel to other countries in SEA. I’m not sure if I will Chiang Mai permanently for at least a few years.However I’ll be hitting up Europe with my brother next year and possibly India (if anyone can offer some India advice I’d love that! I flew back in October for my grandmother’s 70th birthday and whilst it was great to see family, nothing has changed.I’m Jarel Remick, a 28 year old American living in Melbourne, Australia. I work for full-time as Solutions Delivery Manager, which is basically a custom tailored role where I solve problems and improve things across a wide range of areas from development and data analysis to people and project management.I’ve worked with Envato for over 6 years now having done many things across the business.** I’ll start: My name is Adam Mc Intyre, I’m 23 and hail from the UK.I’ve been away from the UK for 2 years, spending most of that time in Thailand.


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