Sheep Farming Business Plan

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That is why I chose the name “Al-Ikhwa,” or brotherhood, for my new farm.I wanted to build a successful business that would create jobs on the West Bank.I obtained my first 11 sheep as a prize when I won a business-plan competition sponsored by the local chapter of the YMCA.

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Ayah Mlatat is the founder of Al-Ikhwa Farm, an agribusiness based outside Nablus on the West Bank.

She is currently sponsored by SPARK, a Dutch nonprofit that works to promote entrepreneurship in fragile and postconflict states.

Sometimes it is difficult to know who to trust, and who not to. This year I plan to finish building my second farm and pay off all the financial obligations that I incurred getting my business off the ground.

I want to create a new marketing program that combines individual and group sales, and expand my business to other Palestinian cities.

When I started my farm I was a young woman with very little experience of the world.

I’ve had to learn how to deal with many different kinds of people, from butchers to bankers.The business of raising sheep as the business plan is being followed from ancient time and is the profession of people, all over the globe.As like other domestic animals like the cattle farming, goat farming, and rabbit farming, sheep farming is also famous amongst the local.I also got good advice from business experts at Indiana University, where I participated in a program at the Kelley School of Business.From the beginning I fed my sheep an all-natural diet that is free of hormones and other chemicals.I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but at that time I had not yet settled on a career in agriculture.In addition to farming, I was also thinking about launching a career training center for Palestinian youth. Blair asked me a very simple question: “What is it that you wish to accomplish?One can raise sheep at both, small-scale and large-scale with having some essentials like the fodder stock and good source of fresh water.As like other domestic animal farming, commercial sheep farming business is also profitable which yield good and instant returns in a very short interval.In 2010 I set out to build a sheep farm on land that my family owned near the West Bank city of Nablus.As a young sociology student who did volunteer work with children in her spare time, I had no obvious credentials for this project. Farming is considered a man’s job in the Palestinian Territories, as it is in many parts of the world. Although I grew up in a rural village, my father is an electrical engineer and my mother has a degree in Arabic and works as a schoolteacher.


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