Short Essay About Love Of God

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Love "overcomes" us or "comes over us," but nothing can overcome or come over God. Love of humanity is easy because humanity does not surprise you with inconvenient demands. It is painfully obvious that God is not mere kindness, for He does not remove all suffering, though He has the power to do so.

God cannot fall in love for the same reason water cannot get wet: it is wet. You never find humanity on your doorstep, stinking and begging. (3) A THIRD MISUNDERstanding about love is to confuse it with kindness, which is only one of its usual attributes. Indeed, this very fact — that the God who is omnipotent and can at any instant miraculously erase all suffering from this world deliberately chooses not to do so is the commonest argument unbelievers use against Him.

(That's why He is a Trinity: He is Love; Beloved, and Loving, complete love in three Persons. Everything in Him is love.) Even His justice is love.

Paul identifies "the justice of God" in Romans with the most apparently unjust event in all history: deicide, or the murder of God, the crucifixion; for that was God's great act of love. Lewis's unpretentious little masterpiece is the greatest thing in the world.

He fills every inch of space throughout the universe with all His wonderful personal attributes.

Although God is distinct from His creation, all His creation exists within Him.Scripture also tells us that "God IS love." It never says God is justice or beauty or righteousness, though He is just and beautiful and righteous.But "God is love," (1 John 1:8), not just loving or a lover, though He is that too.(1) THE FIRST AND MOST usual misunderstanding of is an act of the will, not the feelings.That is why we are responsible for it, and commanded to do it, to choose it. Only an idiot would command us (That's why sexual feelings and desires, whether heterosexual or homosexual, are not sins in and of themselves. We don't always have tender, sweet, comfortable feelings about ourselves; sometimes we feel foolish, stupid, asinine, or wicked.This is increasingly evident in modern society where the fast-paced lifestyle hardly leaves any kind of room for emotional investment and connections.However, this may be exactly the reason why it is the ideal time to bring the subject of unconditional love into the limelight.On our part, that was the most unjust, evil, and hateful thing we ever did; but on God's part, that was His perfect justice, because it was perfect love, and so good that we call the holiday on which we celebrate this murderous deed "Good Friday." But no word is more misunderstood in our society than the word love. And part of the Gospel, the "good news," is that it is available to us; that Christ is the plug that connects us to the infinite supply of divine love-electricity. (Interestingly, we no longer usually classify friendship as one of the loves.That is probably why we seldom write great tributes to it, as the ancients did.) To solve this translation problem, it may be necessary to insist on using the Greek word instead of any of the misleading English translations, even at the risk of sounding snobbish or scholarly, so that we do not confuse this most important thing in the world with something else in our minds, and consequently risk missing it in our lives.His ever-presence makes it possible for us to be in constant communication with Him and to depend on Him in every situation.But often we ignore His presence because we are so preoccupied with our lives.


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