Short Essay On Green Revolution

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These new technical advancements led to increased productivity and this was enough to meet the needs to the people well.

Norman Borlaug developed a strain of wheat which could resist diseases and were a little shorter in length.

Green Revolution occurred as a result of the adoption of the “new agricultural strategy” in 1964-65.

The new strategy envisaged raising farm output through the use of High-Yielding Varieties (HYV) seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, modern implements and machinery, multiple cropping, irrigation facilities and agricultural credit.

The well beings of farmer included secured income and bigger profits.

So it is very important for the agriculture based countries such as India.

Increased exploitation of land also resulted in erosion.

However this was taken into account soon and accordingly the farmers were directed.

The Green revolution is a series of events right from starting of using of high yielding variety of seeds, pesticides, improved agricultural equipment’s, etc.

which together led to the betterment of the people and market related to agriculture.


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