Short Essay On Population Education

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However, as this essay shows, there are many differences between Japan and China in terms of their food, culture, natural resources, and population distribution.

The first major difference between China and Japan comes in their food.

It also ranks second in oil importation worldwide (, 2017).

Further, China and Japan differ in their population distribution.

China and Japan also significantly differ in their culture.

(2017) points out that there is a long history attached to Chinese culture and that the vastness of the country’s territory makes the culture have a plethora of varieties.The culture has a lot of heterogeneity owing to the fact that the country has been exposed to several various nationalities in addition to having a long history.Some of the notable nationalities that have contributed to this heterogeneity are Europeans and Indians.Eradicating these injustices is not only a crucial human rights issues, it's also intricately connected with the world's population and the creation of a sustainable planet.Comparison and contrast of similarities and differences between China and Japan.Apart from having fish and fishing grounds, the country has virtually no resources of natural energy.This fact has made Japan the largest liquefied natural gas and coal importer in the world.In contrast, Japan has an isolated culture because, according to its recorded history, the country has not experienced significant external influence.Coupled with its considerably small size, this lack of external influence by Japan has ensured that its culture is more homogenous.“While the Chinese food is spicy and involves a lot of frying and cooking, the Japanese food is far less spicy, and has very subtle flavors compared to other local foods in Asia” (, 2017).China has diverse food owing to its large geographic extent.


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