Shylock A Villain Or Victim Essay

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Throughout the book, it seems like everyone wants to be a part of the mistreatment of Shylock.Antonio and many other merchants frequently criticize and belittle Shylock and his business, with Antonio "rails even there where merchants most do congregate on me, my bargains, and my well-won thrift".

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In short, they have been taught villainy, rather than it being an integral part of their personality.

In such instances, revenge can be a key motivator in inspiring them to act in a villainous way.

Their villainous acts may be attributed to their desire to destroy others and in turn elevate themselves to a higher financial or social level.

However, the root cause of their villainy may be a response to the treatment they have endured at the hands of others.

It is essential to state any questions that you plan to answer, in this case is Shylock a villain or a victim, furthermore it is necessary to outline the main points of your discussion.

In this instance it would also be suitable to give a brief description of Shylock as a character, who he is, what he does and his overall personality.However, he is a victim in the way that his compassion and care is not reciprocate and even taken advantage of.Thus this showing that he is not always a villain as portrayed in most cases.By calling Shylock "a devil Jew" and "he is a very Jew" further shows the insults from society that Shylock has to endure in many occasions. Middle Shylock is a victim of unprovoked and vicious mistreatment from many different places.Finally, Shylock is not a villain in the way as he does show care, compassion and feelings that are not commonly depicted by a villain.He hath disgraced me, laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation," The quote clearly portrays Shylock remembering every single thing that Antonio has done to him.He calculates what Antonio has done to him and tries to revenge the wrongs done to him by murdering Antonio, through these means shows his vengeful and devious attitude commonly associated with that of a villain.It is on such occasions, where villains have themselves been exposed to villainy, that the distinction between villain and victim becomes blurred.Victims are usually characterised in the way that they are persecuted for circumstances, He is also resentful of the ridicule and torment of his race by the Christians.However, in a nutshell, Shylock is a deep and interesting character that can be analysed in many ways.On the surface he appears to be a bad person that does evil to everyone. Shylock is mistreated and discriminated against in a variety of ways.


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